The Glow Getter


Do you struggle with trying to figure out how to put makeup on that will suit you?

Well, your life is about to change.

Girl, I will hold your hand (*figuratively*) through the whole process.

If you’re ready to get all the info you need to master makeup for your face: I’ll make you a personalized makeup tutorial using your picture and walk you through a COMPLETE makeup application.

I’ll answer your most pressing questions and cover everything from skin prep to a completely finished look.

In this 60-90 min personalized video lesson I’ll show you:

  • What eye shape you have and what that means for your makeup application
  • How to choose eyeshadow colors that are going to compliment your eyes, and where to put that eyeshadow
  • How to place eyeliner & what type of mascara will be best
  • What eyebrow shape would suit you
  • A finished look with foundation, concealer,blush, highlighter, & contouring
  • A complete Day-Time, Natural Look
  • A complete Night-Out, Made-Up Look

Go from having no idea what to do, to having so much confidence in your ability to enhance that natural beauty that you’ve already got.

This lesson is approx. 60-90mins and inlcudes clickable chapters so you can jump to any part of the lesson you’d like. This package also includes a pdf with pictures & concisely written instructions of all the things I cover in the video.


Thank you so much! This is so helpful and you are so kind. I’ve been struggling with my eye makeup for years! And I couldn’t figure out why I looked tired even though I was putting on makeup. I was starting to feel like it was hopeless, but now I’m actually excited to get ready and ‘play’ with makeup. Thank you again.
– Crystal

OMG you are a godsend. Thank you for answering all my questions. I know I had a lot. I love that this is a video that I can watch again and again, as I seem to forget what I’m supposed to be doing after awhile. Thank you so much for all your help 🙂
– Jen

The video and PDF provided by Kendra was so helpful. Even after reading many articles, I still wasn’t sure what shape my eyes or face were, and it has been invaluable to have a professional give me their opinion. I have also being applying make up incorrectly my whole life because I was following generic YouTube tutorials that weren’t quite right for my proportions.
– Fiona

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