Video Makeup Lessons

Struggling with your makeup? Girl, I’ve got you. Using your picture I’ll walk you through a virtual makeup application. We’ll address the questions you have and I’ll tell you everything that you need to know to get your makeup to fit you.

Simply choose the personalized makeup lesson that you need!

The Basics: Online Makeup Lesson | Makeup & Hair by Kendra

The Basics


Learn How to Do Your Makeup | Makeup & Hair by Kendra

The Show Stopper


The Glow Getter: Online Personal Makeup Lesson | Makeup & Hair by Kendra

The Glow Getter


Online Personalized Makeup Lessons | Makeup & Hair by Kendra

The Online Course

Want to learn how to do
your makeup better?

If you struggle with your makeup, and you wish that there was an easy way to learn everything that you’d need to apply your makeup in a way (no matter the look or your skill level) to enhance your features, then this online course is exactly what you’ve been wishing for.

Online Makeup Course | Makeup & Hair by Kendra
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