Wear It To Work Makeup Tutorial

Girl boss makeup tutorial

Most of us have jobs and the way that you show up to work says a lot. If you show up with a “just rolled out of bed” look, it’s likely your coworkers don’t take you seriously. What could be worse is customers and employers getting the impression that you’re an unengaged employee who clearly doesn’t have their act together.
​But more importantly, you may be surprised at how empowered you feel when you know you look good. Great looking makeup doesn’t have to take you hours to do, and I want you to feel like the strong and independent woman you are! Let your inner girl boss be free, follow my easy Wear It To Work Makeup Tutorial [Video].
My lovely model, Yasmin, has an olive complexion and normal-to-oily skin type. So if you share similar features, then a lot of these products could be awesome for you. Having said that, many of these products are going to be great for a range of skin tones. The biggest take-away that I want you to have is: copy the techniques I show you and adjust the products to your specific needs. You can customize your makeup by choosing products that match your eye color and skin tone.

​Alright, here are the products and tools that I used and talked about in the tutorial.

Disclaimer: Some product links are affiliate links. However, I only recommend products that I love and use (or would use).

Products Used

​All Eyeshadows

*The lip pencil mentioned in the video: The Makeup Store is based in Australia and currently does not ship to USA. The natural lip pencil is also no longer available. Try the NYX affordable alternative.


Wear It To Work Makeup Tutorial

Now that you know how to do your makeup like a girl boss, you’ve got to learn a hair style to match! (You ain’t play’n anymore!)

Learn how to get those gorgeous Victoria Secret-esq perfect beach waves now.

Any questions?

Is there something specific that you would like to learn how to do? Because I would love to teach you! Just leave a comment below.

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