Sweet, Sweet Love

​I love being involved in weddings. Everyone is so happy. You can’t be unhappy at a wedding. It’s impossible. If you’re ever having a bad day sneak into a wedding (ok, don’t do that), but you know what I’m talking about when I say that the happiness just permeates everyone that is there. I love it.
​I love being able to make someone’s special day a little more special. Yes, that was probably me you saw hiding behind the bushes (my ninja skills are getting pretty good though) and yes, I was the person running in and out between pictures to make sure the bride was camera ready. I may have had a leaf or two in my hair, and yea, I was the only person wearing all black on such a joy-filled day. Yep. That was me. I guess that’s what happens when you mix artist with perfectionist. But it’s so worth it! (You’ll see.)

I wanted to share some really amazing photos (courtesy of Brooke Shalae Photography who is an amazing lady with amazing talent) of a gorgeous couple and their special day. If you’re like me and you love the way that bridal makeup enhances natural beauty, then you’re going to love some of these simple makeup tips that I used on this gorgeous bride:

Simple Bridal Makeup Tips

1. Drink A LOT of water – I know, I know, I harass you gals about this all the time but there is a marked difference in the bride’s skin who drink 48 oz+ a day and those who don’t. Good skin equals good makeup.
2. Moisturize – In my opinion, a good looking base is the key to flawless looking makeup. You want the skin to look supple and dewy not caked and cracked. It’s important to
use a moisturizer with no or little spf (like spf 15) when pictures are going to be taken. Also, use a moisturizer with a luminous effect. Place this moisturizer on the high points of the face such as the top of the cheek bones, chin, cupid’s bow, bridge of nose, center of forehead. The trick is to know where light naturally hits and shadows would naturally occur.
3. Choose a foundation that isn’t matte. Matte foundations tend to look heavier and powdery. Natural skin always has a slight sheen to it. So choose a foundation that has a natural or dewy finish. A few of my go-to natural finish foundations are MUFE HD (although they just changed the formula so be advised), Youngblood Mineral Foundation, and Face&Body by MAC.
4. Contour and Blush – Use a contouring matte powder to enhance the natural shadows and a blush with shimmer not sparkle. You want the contouring powder to be matte so it doesn’t reflect any light, and choose one that compliments the skin tone (not too orange/red). BLEND BLEND BLEND. Natural skin has natural contours; not harsh lines. Choose a blush that gives your skin a glow effect. I love the NARS blush in cream or powder called Orgasm. It has a warmer base tone which is very nice on most skin tones.
5. Go easy on the eyes – I chose warm (yellow, orange, red undertones) and neutral browns to give this bride a lovely effortless look. When shadowing the eyes, stay light and keep to the natural contours. Opt to use a dark brown liner instead of black. Finish with a volumizing dark black mascara (Love love love Benefit’s Yes,They’re Real).

By choosing dewy finishes over matte your skin is going to glow and give off a care-free simply lovely look that appears completely natural.

Congratulations again to Kristen and Sean!

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