Static Cling.. in YOUR HAIR

Have you been experiencing hair static as of late?
There are a couple of reasons that your hair may be a little clingy lately. Hair static is common in the chillier months because the air is drier and your hair picks up an electrical charge from the dry air. Static may also be caused by cheap hair products (shampoo/conditioners) that aren’t giving your hair the needed moisture during this season. Additionally, plastic combs or brushes are more likely to have static.

But don’t worry there are a few simple things you can do to get rid of the static.

Here are five quick tips to reduce static:


 Change your shampoo or conditioner to a professional product that is moisturizing.

Try: Pureology Moisture, or Redken Diamond Oil


  Use a leave-in conditioner, or hair oil.

Try: “Its a 10” leave-in conditioner or Redken Argan 6 Hair Oil


Switch your combs and brushes from plastic to wood. And spray a hair spray on the brush before running it through your strands.

                          Try: Matrix Vavoom Freezing spray or Joico JoiShape Shaping and Finishing Spray


Use a humidifier in your room to help put moisture back into the air.


 Use a deep conditioning treatment on your hair 2x a week.

Try: “It’s a 10” Miracle Hair mask or Pureology Hydra Cure Mask

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