Perfectly Imperfect Messy Hair [Video Tutorial]

Perfectly Imperfect Messy Hair [Video Tutorial]

I rolled out of bed this morning and on my way to the bathroom I saw the crazy mess of hair on my head – you know the one, where one side is sticking straight up and the rest is just pure craziness. Waking up with perfectly imperfect hair that says, “Yea, I woke up like this” would be a dream. There’s something so irresistible about effortless tousled hair. Luckily, we can pretend it happened that way (I won’t tell, if you don’t).

A messy style looks great on pretty much every hair length, style, and texture. Which is probably why it’s so darn charming! With the right technique you can easily create tousled slept-in waves. Here’s my video tutorial for creating messy hair, and as a bonus I share some pro tips on how to make the style last all day. I know what a challenge it can be, particularly for fine straight hair types (Oh, and I use a waving wand in case you’ve been wondering how the heck to use one of those.)
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What tricks do you use to get effortlessly tousled messy hair? Please share in the comments below!

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