Perfect Your Blow-dry

Perfect Your Blow-Dry

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​Isn’t it weird how your hairdresser is almost always able to give you a way better blow-out than what you can do at home? Of course, doing several blow-drys a day makes a difference but practice makes perfect! And I’m going to share some pro secrets to make practicing that much easier.
Not only do the pros master technique but they also use products and tools that really work the way they’re supposed to. Using poor quality products can really work against you.

If you’re looking for ultimate volume it’s important to use a volumizing shampoo. You want to be particular in the brand that you choose, since cheap volumizing shampoos can really dry out your hair and you end up with static instead of sexy. 

Disclosure: The following products are affiliated links. However, I only recommend things that I would use or have used.

Try this: Pureology Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

It’s important to not start with really wet hair, so do a light towel dry first. And maybe a little air drying just to get away from the wet wet hair. Apply a tiny bit of blow-dry oil on the towel-dried hair for manageability and shine. Then take the time to prime! Primers protect and strengthen hair.

Try this: Redken Glow Dry and Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer

Opt for an ionic (helps hair dry faster), Ceramic (emits non-damaging infrared heat), and/or tourmaline (helps decrease frizz and promote shine) hair dryer. 

Try this: Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer or BaByliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme  Dryer

Perfect Your Blow-Dry

Use clips and section the hair. Don’t worry about making perfect sections, it’s actually better if you don’t. When you start to blow-dry, point the dryer down making the air blow down the hair shaft (going with the cuticle of the hair). Use a large round brush close to the scalp for great volume or pull the section of hair to the opposite side of the head from where it usually sits. This over direction will help achieve max volume.

Don’t over-dry your hair. If you have fine or fragile hair use the low heat setting. Really thick hair can handle the hotter air, but remember heat can always cause damage so I always try to avoid the highest setting on clients. 

After you’ve got the slice of hair dry, pass through one last time with the cool shot. This helps set the hair. You can use a duck bill clip to keep the section formed afterwards while you finish up the rest of the head. 

Once all the sections are cool, then you can touch your hair. No touchy until then. This is totally optional, but you can finish with a light-weight flexible hold hair spray and it will be more effective now thanks to the primer you applied earlier.

​Just be sure to spray from 10-12″ away so you don’t make the hair wet and ruin all the work you just did.

One finishing spray that I personally like is  Aveda’s Air Control Spray. It’s super light and gives a great natural hold. There’s almost nothing worse than having a great blow-out and then making the hair heavy and crunchy with hair spray.

And the secret to making this blow-dry last longer? Dry shampoo! Yep. Use anytime to absorb oils at your roots.

My absolute fav dry shampoo is Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo. (Now you’ll never have to wash your hair ever again! Just kidding.)

Well, there you go. You’re practically a pro now. 
​Give it a try, I would love to hear how well you do!

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