How to Get Perfect Looking Skin

How to Get Perfect Skin | 6 Easy Steps!

I think one of the biggest challenges with makeup is getting your skin to look amazing without looking like you’ve packed on layers and layers of products. Whenever I do makeup, I always try to draw attention to a person’s lovely features, instead of drawing attention to the makeup (after all, you’re fabulous so why shouldn’t you get all of the compliments instead of your makeup).

So, I created a video makeup tutorial to show you how to get perfect skin and how to overcome some of the most common issues that we face because of our application techniques and product choices.

Disclaimer: Some product links are affiliate links. However, I only recommend products that I love and use (or would use).

Step 1 – Skin Care

If you’ve watched any of my other makeup videos or are subscribed to my blog, then I’m sure you’re probably tired of hearing me say this, but good looking makeup relies on good skin. While there are some products out there that can help with the texture of your skin, in general, makeup doesn’t really correct texture. It corrects color. So, if you think about the base of makeup as a two part formula — with one being the texture of your skin (skin care) and two being the color of your skin (makeup products) — then you will have better control over making your makeup look amazing.

In order to have smoother, acne-free, moisturized, healthy skin you have to have a solid skin care regime. So make sure that you are using quality skin care products, and doing your part (drink water, eat your greens) on a daily baises.

Also, as someone who struggled with acne in the past, seeking out a professional can make the world of a difference if you have skin troubles.

Step 2 – Skin Prep

When preping the skin, first determine what skin type you have. You want to use products that are geared towards your specific needs.

Molly is my lovely model here and she has a combination skin type. Since she had quite a few dry spots, it was important that I do a little exfloitating and really moisturizer her skin.

These are the products I used:

Step 3 – Foundation

I know it can be tempting to just grab the full coverage foundation and slather it on, but that is going to make it look like you’re wearing a pound of makeup (and if that’s your thing, more power to you).

But if you’re like me, I like the skin to look like real skin, then by allowing some real skin to peek through that’s what’s going to help you achieve a natural flawless finish.

Before we start with the foundation application there are a few things to keep in mind:
1. Foundation Coverage  Start with lighter coverage and build in the areas where you need to.
2. Foundation Tools — Choose the correct tools. Sponges are good for mostly everyone. Dry skinned people should stay away from brushes (and buffing motions) as it lifts up the dry skin and makeup clings to that like crazy.
3. Foundation Color/Tone — Use color theory. Green/yellow is going to cancel out redness in your face. Test foundation colors on your arm in natural light to see the true undertone. I find that most people need a yellow-based-foundation as opposed to pink or orange (in shock that big brands haven’t figured this out yet? You’re not alone.) Pro Tip: If it looks too yellow on your face, there’s a good chance that it’s too dark. Choose a lighter shade.

For Molly I started with a really light coverage foundation that has a natural dewy finish. This is the begininng of evening out the skin tone without making it appear solid in color. Next, I used a medium coverage foundation across the cheeks, concentrating the product in the center of the face.

Once you’ve achieved a more even complexion (don’t worry about spots or dark circles under your eyes yet, just look at the overall complexion), you want to set with a transaparent or translucent powder as colored powders will change the color of your foundation.

These are the products I used:

Step 5 – Conceal

This is the secret to perfect looking skin. People go wrong by trying to cover everything with foundation, when foundation should really just be used to help even out heir skin tone overall. Concealers are how you create flawless natural-looking skin.

With concealers you want to choose full coverage. You want a product that works well with your skin type as well. I personally find creams to be the best overall. And you don’t have to use an actual concealer, you can use a full coverage foundation instead (that’s what I do).

Follow these rules:
1. Match the level of your skin — too light will make you have light spots or racoon eyes.
2. Pink undertone concealer = coverage for dark spots/circles
3. Yellow/Green undertone concealer = coverage for red spots

For Molly I used Mac’s Full Coverage foundation as my concealers. The C’s to cover red (left palette), and the NW’s to cover dark circles/spots (right palette). Set with translucent powder inbetween layers if you have to use both on the same spot, and finish with the translucent powder when completely finished.

How to Get Perfect Skin | 6 Easy Steps!

Step 6 – Refine

At this point in the process you’ll probably have noticed that your skin already looks a million times better than when you just use a full coverage foundation — but I still like to add in a little more dimension. Add dimension with a contouring powder, highlighter, and blush.

For Molly I wanted to achieve a really natural look, so I chose to lightly blend in some contouring powder and I used an illumiator on the high points of her face for glowing skin.

If you have naturally flushed cheeks you may not need a blush, but I personally love using blush because it makes the skin look more youthful and alive.

​These are the products I used:

How to Get Perfect Skin | 6 Easy Steps!

​I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial! (Love’n her hair? Learn how to get beautiful beach waves like Molly).

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