How To Do Natural Makeup Like a Pro

How to do Natural Makeup Like a Pro: MakeupbyKendra

I’ve been really wanting to do a tutorial on natural makeup – and the time has finally come! I’m sure that a lot of you are just like me and you don’t want to spend a bunch of time doing makeup in the morning (I’ve got better things to do! Like makeup on other people.. haha). Makeup doesn’t have to be a big production to get really great looking results. This natural look that I created for you ladies can be done in 10 minutes! And it’s really easy to do. I’m going to teach you how to do natural makeup like a pro.

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Since I didn’t want to make an hour long video I decided to create a little section here that has  all of the steps, and products I used. The video focuses more on technique.

My lovely model, Mashie, has an olive complexion and normal-to-oily skin type.

Disclaimer: Some product links are affiliate links. However, I only recommend products that I love and use (or would use).

Step 1: Moisturize. Everyone can benefit from moisturizer. Even people with oily skin. Just choose one that is right for your skin type. Moisturizer is important because it helps the foundation sit better on the skin. I used this (I don’t recommend this for someone who has really oily skin just FYI):
Step 2 (optional): Luminizer. This is a really under-utilized step because this is what gives the skin a nice glow. I don’t like just putting a highlighter all over because that can make you look sweaty. So, instead use a luminizer under your foundation. Any light liquid/cream-based that blends into the skin is a great choice. I used this:
Step 3: Foundation. It’s so important to choose a light-coverage foundation when doing a natural look. Real skin isn’t perfect, and that’s what makes it so beautiful. I do understand that sometimes people have severe acne and they want fuller coverage but instead opt for a medium coverage foundation and use a concealer to “perfect” the skin. I used (great for dry, combo, & normal skin):
Step 4: Concealer. I think sometimes we forget how to actually use this stuff, but it’s amazing if used correctly. Choose pink toned concealers for dark areas like under eyes. Choose yellow/olive toned concealers for red spots. The concealer is your secret weapon to making the skin look more perfect without looking like you are wearing a thick mask of makeup. I choose creams here because I feel like they are better able to blend in with the skin. I actually use cream full coverage foundation as  concealer. I used a blend of NW from Mac’s Full Coverage Foundations that match the level of skin.
Step 5: Brows. Eyebrows are the frames to your eyes and it’s important to pay attention to them. For a natural look you don’t want to sculpt the brows. Instead look at what needs a little correction and fill them in accordingly. I used:
Step 6: Eyes. As I mentioned in the video, with natural makeup it shouldn’t be about the makeup. It’s about the person and their natural beauty. I never want to do makeup where the first thing people think/say is “I love your makeup!” Instead, I love when people notice great things about the person “You have amazing eyes!” or “Your skin is stunning!” So you want to keep the eyeshadow relatively light and choose colors that are going to compliment your eye color. I used:
Step 7: Face. With natural makeup looks you don’t want to do a lot of contouring. If you already have a great face shape then maybe you don’t need to do any. But I always like to add a very light contour just to create a little dimension and enhance facial balance. You can use a bronzer instead of a contour powder but be careful about going over board and looking orange. The other thing you need to make the skin look amazing is a good highlighter. And of course set with a translucent powder (so you don’t change the color of your foundation) I used:
Step 8: Lips. To save time and also look really natural use a lip gloss pencil. I call them chubby pencils. I love how they give a little bit of a gloss but also a bit of color. I used:
If you want to know more about the tools I used check out my really great blog post on choosing the right makeup brushes.

I hope that you enjoyed the tutorial and found this information helpful! A big thank you to Mashie for letting me borrow her lovely face for this. Please subscribe to my blog, find me on social media, and stay connected – let’s be friends!

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