A Revolutionary Way to do Eyebrows

​Eyebrows have a mind of their own. Am I right? Some days they might look great, and other days they look like you didn’t even try (even though you totally spent time on them).

But we all know that having a great brow can make us look younger, enhance our eyes, and even make us need to use less eye-makeup. Since I’ve been hearing a lot of gals complain about their brows misbehaving, I decided it was time to dish on a revolutionary way to do eyebrows.

​As you probably already know from my Makeup for the Minimalist post, I personally love not wear a lot of makeup. So trust me, I get not wanting to spend 20 minutes drawing on eyebrows either.

​But if you’re willing to spend a little time upfront, then your day to day will become a breeze.

I always get a lot of compliments on my eyebrows, so I’m going to walk you through my personal  eyebrow process.

Step 1 – Dying Your Brows

Dying eyebrows is really underrated. It’s an incredible way to make your brows look thicker and also look good even when you’re not going to fill them in. I’ve been doing this to mine for years.

There is a great variety of eyebrow dye colors, so you should be able to find what you need. Even if you have black-haired brows, dying them could give them the appearance of being more full.

I also recommend that you buy actual eyebrow dye. The volume of peroxide is much much lower, making it safer for your eye area, and your fragile brow hairs. I use the brand Intensive, and the color is “Brown”.

Before I started doing mine myself, I used to go to a salon and have my brows dyed. The first time I ever had it done, the lady painted way too large of an area. It looked like a Frida Kahlo brow attempt gone wrong. Like really wrong.

I had to drive home that way and it lasted a few days. But all I could do was laugh about it, and now we have a running joke in my family. Every time it’s time to dye brows we say, “Who wants to do a Frida?”

Aside from entertainment, the point of my telling you that story is so that you are careful not to put dye where it ought not be when you’re dying your eyebrows. Instead, put the dye on in the desired shape of the brow.

Mix equal parts of the dye and the processing solution. Use a synthetic brush and paint the dye onto your brows.

Don’t glob on a lot all at once, but do make sure that you decently coat them with the dye. Let it process.

If you have really blonde head hair, then you you probably only want to process for 3 mins with this color. I typically process my brows for about 6 minutes. If you have dark brown or black hair you may be able to process for the full 10 minutes.

I should mention, by not allowing a dye to process for the full amount of time, you may be shortening the life of the dye job. But with this particular brand, I haven’t had any problems. And a few of my blonde clients swear it lasts for months, even with the shortened processing time.

After they are finished processing, use a dollop of shampoo on your fingers and rub into your brows. Don’t scrub too hard or for very long because you don’t want to scrub all the pigment away.

​Then rinse well with cool water. All of the “slimy” feeling should be gone.

Step 2 – Shape Your Brows

​As a general  guideline, you want the inner edge of the brow to start at a 90 degree angle from the inner corner of your eye. The arch of an eyebrow should be close to the outer corner of your iris, and the outer edge of the brow needs to end at a 45 degree angle from the outer corner of the eye.

Be careful about over-plucking your brows. If you take too many hairs from the bottom of your eyebrows, you may start to see the ridge of your brow bone (which is something you don’t want).

I used to be guilty of doing this, and my eyebrows were super thin and definitely didn’t compliment my eyes or face shape. I luckily was able to regrow my eyebrows. I didn’t use anything like Revitabrow, I just stopped tweezing them (aside from the unibrow area).

I understand that sometimes hair just won’t grow anymore. Which is why you could try a product like RevitaBrow. It will help hair grow if the follicle is still alive. Only put that product where you want hair to grow, just like the dye. And understand that if you stop using RevitaBrow, that new growth may go away.

Alternatively, you may just have to fill them in.

In the video, I used my Tweezerman tweezers to pluck stray hair. Good tweezers make a world of a difference when shaping eyebrows.

Another part of shaping eyebrows, is trimming them. Use sharp small eyebrow trimmers to make the job easy. It’s very important to use a spoolie first to brush your brows up. But if you don’t have very thick density to begin with, then you may want to brush in more of a 45 degree angle so you don’t cut off hair that is making your brows appear full.

For a less-groomed looking brow, you can either point cut or skip trimming all together.

Step 3 – Fill In Your Brows

​Again as a general  guideline, the color of your brows should be close in level and tone to the darkest (visible) color in your hair.

I personally like to make mine about half to one shade darker than my hair color.

If you don’t mind spending a little more time, then feathering in more than one shade (e.g. a lighter shade and a darker shade) it can give a very natural appearance.

However, if you’re like me and you really want to keep your makeup bag slim and your routine quick then one shade works just fine. I actually use eyeshadow instead of eyebrow powder, and I really like Inglot’s darkest shade in their 117R palette.

I also like to use a clear eyebrow gel to help control the shape before I fill in my eyebrows. Do make sure you let the gel dry, otherwise it can darken the eyeshadow that you use.

As you heard in the video, use a small angled brush and line the bottom of your eyebrow. The bottom line of a brow is what really controls the overall shape of the brow. So start there.

Using the same angled brush, do diagonal strokes to blend the line into the brow hairs. If your brows are a little more sparse, then you can add more product to the brush when you begin the diagonal strokes.

If you go too dark, or need to do a little more blending, you can use a spoolie, a q-tip, or a clean small pointed brush to buff any harsh lines.

That completes everything that I do for my eyebrows. I love natural-looking results, and this process does the trick!

​Have you tried dying your brows yet? Let me know how it went!

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  1. Very helpful. Loving the blog btw. I need to checkout if you have a step by step tutorial for an everyday eye on hooded eyes. I saw the suggestion to do an outer 7 or c but I’m not sure how to do that or how to blend it.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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